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Stephanie Brasile Owner of House of Brasile
Buffy Brasile is committed to the success of independent salon businesses and their owners. She is passionate about the salon industry and understands the importance and value of owners and stylists. As an appearance expert, she's experienced firsthand the power a person feels when their outside appearance matches who they are on the inside. As providers of a service that accomplishes just that, Buffy believes salon owners and stylists deserve the same rewards and benefits of any other profession. Buffy received a Bachelor's degree in apparel merchandising and design from Illinois State University, was employed by a Chicago-based design house for four years, completed coursework for her cosmetology license at the Aveda Institute in Chicago and has worked as a hairstylist for the past seven years. She began analyzing salon businesses in 2013 and founded House of Brasile in 2015 with the goal of assisting salon owners in generating revenue, providing ideal work environments for stylists, and planning for a return on their investment. Buffy invites you to join her in making the business of beauty a beautiful business.
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I help you to analyze your profit and loss statement to reduce expenses, maximize sales, and increase profitability.
An efficient salon is an effective salon!
I help you to manage the day-to-day functions of your salon to create the culture and environment you desire.
A healthy salon is a wealthy salon!
I help you to create a recognizable brand, establish a target market, and create promotions that attract the clientele you want.
A consistent message yields consistent clients!
I help you to increase retail sales through visual merchandising and sales techniques.
Retail sales create a loyal clientele!

House of Brasile can help!

Why Choose Us?

Customized Solutions

House of Brasile knows every salon is different. We approach every client with a strategy tailored for their unique goals and challenges. When it comes to building a salon business, we know that one plan does not fit all.

Industry Expert

Buffy Brasile is a licensed cosmetologist who maintains a home-salon and clientele of her own. She understands the specific challenges owners and stylists face in the salon industry. Buffy continues to educate herself on the latest trends and techniques so she's always ready to help your salon take advantage of the next big thing.

Plans for the Future

House of Brasile will be there for the life of your business. The plans and strategies put in place are measurable, allowing you to monitor your progress. If things move off target, we'll be there to get you back on track.

Care and Commitment

The first available source of information about a person is visual. Salon owners and hairstylists are charged with the task of helping clients communicate who they are to the outside world through appearance. That's REALLY important! House of Brasile believes salon owners and stylists should be rewarded for their care and commitment to their clients, and we bring the same care and commitment to improving your salon business.

Consultation Questions Part 1

Consultation Questions Part 2

Defining Your Brand Part 1

Defining Your Brand Part 2

Discounts Part 1

Discounts Part 2

Identifying Problem Clients Part 1

Identifying Problem Clients Part 2

Questions For New Stylists Part 1

Questions For New Stylists Part 2

Salon Layout Part 1

Salon Layout Part 2

Salon Layout Part 3


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